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Out of everyday life, into the Farm experience !

The Stegerhof, not just a place where you can feel good.
A yard where you learn to see the Little Things.
The experience with nature and animals ...
The natural Gsieser Valley, between the Rieserferner Group and the Defregger Alps, a dreamy village with stylish, rustic farms
as well as the lovely scenery of a home movie.
The farm seduces with a beautiful valley view to the UNESCO World Heritage
the mountains of the "Dolomites".




















































Around 30 cows feel at home on our farm. Their milk is delivered to the Senni Dairy in Bruneck. Some of the milk is processed into quality products with great diligence.                                 Many other animals live on the farm: chicken, a cat and a dog.                                                        In summer as well as in winter, hard-working "young farmers" are welcome. Young and old can help with the care of the animals, swing the hayrake in the summer and also work diligently      in the stable in winter. Where does the milk come from? What do cows eat? Where does the egg come from? Farmer Franz and Andreas give the answers...

baking bread
Discover the nature
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